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The Psychology Service Team

Kate Draper - Senior Administrator - Personal Injury DivisionKate Draper - Senior Administrator - Personal Injury Division

Since 2007, I have worked in the Personal Injury Division. My role is to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Personal Injury Division. I have a huge variety of duties, including allocating instructions, managing consultant diaries, updating client and consultant information, the formatting and sending of reports and answering a wide variety of phone enquiries.

Being a Mum of 2 grown up daughters I enjoy Zumba - good for the body and red wine - good for the soul, I love shopping - bad for the bank balance and hate anything which is untidy.

Likes - spending time with my family, eating out and a good old fashioned love story

Dislikes - dark winter mornings, people who push and anything which isn't straight!
DDI 0845 40 99 005

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