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Newsletter 2010/2011

Welcome to our new e-newsletter! The Psychology Service is finally heading into the paper free environmentally friendly world of ‘e-news’ and ‘e-instructions’.

I have to apologise though for the delay in our regular annual update – the normal December edition got postponed to the New Year, and then to February and then Easter – and here it is! My time has been a little more demanding than usual in reverting back to a much more hands on approach in the company – but more of that later!


Annual Update

I have to say 2010 was probably our most challenging year both for the business and personally. It got to the point where it just felt that if anything could go wrong, it did!

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Office Team Update

Many of you will have noticed quite a few changes in the office team and indeed there have been quite a few additions, and some losses. Our team is now bigger than ever, 16 of us in total.

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Company News


Training 2010

2010 saw our fourth full EMDR training (level I, II and III) with both John Spector and Sir Michael Patterson and was once again a fabulous experience for all the delegates who appeared delighted not only with the personal approach they received from John and Michael but also the attention received from us as hosts. These are always demanding but super events to hold, not least with the added extra of the evening entertainment, occasionally running rather late into the evening….. on one occasion with a couple of delegates being taken back to their nearby B&B at midnight on the back of a tractor! We do have our reputation as ‘hosts with the most’ to be upheld after all!


It was, however, a sad goodbye to John Spector as our EMDR trainer, who retired at the end of 2010, with our EMDR Level II training in December as his ‘finale’. He has been such a charming and professional person to work with and we will miss him. I remember our first training John ran for us in 2001, thinking that if ever I was traumatised he would be the one I would go to, such a very calming and skilled therapist. We thank him greatly not only for organising all our EMDR training events but also for his support to the company generally.


We also held a two day introductory workshop to sensori-motor psychotherapy, facilitated by Dr Liz Hall, which was a fascinating experience, where the body became the focus of therapy. It enabled us all to be far more aware of how trauma is not only a cognitive process but that the associated sensory experience can be a powerful tool, not only in understanding the associated emotional experience but in the processing of the traumatic event as well.


Training 2011 Update

I have frequently been asked this year what are our training events to be in 2011 with The Psychology Service and I do apologise for being so tardy in getting our ‘training calendar’ out to you. I hope you are able to support these as keenly as our previous events, despite leaving it so late.

Indeed we have some super training opportunities for you, including Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment, our EMDR Workshop and Working with Veterans ...

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As they are all only single day training workshops, and I know how much fun it is to all get together after for a social time, I’ve decided what a great idea it would be to hold a BBQ after each one. So if you don’t fancy sitting in a queue of traffic on a Friday at 5pm, stay on for a drink and a bite to eat!

Keeping us updated

In order to ensure that we have all your correct details and qualifications, we need to know what you’ve been up to. If you’ve recently advanced your training or gained an additional qualification in any particular field, let us know. Similarly, if you have any other additional skills, for example, languages spoken, let us know. If you have a new clinic location, or you have increased/decreased availability in certain clinics, please do keep us regularly informed.

To help us keep our records update, we’ve attached an update form, which is a must to be completed to ensure that we’re getting the best from you! We’ve tried to ease the pain of filling this in for you by completing the info that we have on our database to date.

Sometimes consultants will tell us they are overloaded with referrals and can’t take more on, in which case they go on our ‘Call First’ system, where our database highlights limited availability and that the consultant needs to be called to check they can accept an instruction. However, if this changes and your availability improves, you must tell us, otherwise you might be wondering where all your instructions have gone!


Research News

We are currently in the process of developing a collaborative research project with the University of Birmingham and Edge Hill University exploring the ways in which clinicians integrate EMDR and CBT in working with psychological trauma.

Derek Farrell and Paul Keenan, have invited The Psychology Service to be involved in this project, using a mixed method research approach, Q Methodology. The project is very much in it’s infancy but an exciting prospect for The Psychology Service.

I would welcome any consultants who would like to be a part of this to let me know – again there will be a comment box on the update form to tick if you would like to know more or be actively involved.


Breaking News

The Psychology Service has for many years wanted to be more directly involved in a pain management service, offering a bi-disciplinary approach to pain management, where physiotherapy and psychological therapy are able to offer a co-ordinated service. Whilst The Psychology Service offers an enormous number of consultants who are excellent at working with pain, we have struggled to find a physio service that might work in tandem with us and parallel the way we work.


However, we believe we may have found the answer and are in discussions with a physiotherapist who would like to head up this aspect of the service. We will be working intensively on this project over the next few months to get this up and running.

However, it would really help us if you could also indicate on the update form your interest in also being part of this service (sorry, another box to tick!) and indicating your experience of working with pain, where we will have a rating scale from 0 – no experience to 3 – strong experience and have worked in a multi-disciplinary pain management team.


DNA Fees

Whilst many of our customers have continued to supply us with increasing volumes of work over the years, we have lost one customer, for reasons I feel I should highlight associated with DNA fees.

Please indicate whether or not you would accept instructions for psychological therapy if DNA fees are not paid on our update form.

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CRB Checks

More and more organisations within the private sector are now asking for proof that a CRB check has been undertaken. There are two types of CRB checks, Standard and Enhanced. For those of us working in mental health an Enhanced CRB check is required as our work in mental health is deemed as working with vulnerable adults and/or, for some, children.

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Working with Interpreters

Patricia Eschoe, an experienced cognitive behavioural psychotherapist has worked with, and trained people to work with interpreters for many years and wanted to share some of her experience in this area with you.  Linda Matthews, many of you will know from her work with us here in The Psychology Service, is a Consultant Psychotherapist and has particular experience of supervising people who work with interpreters. According to Patricia and Linda working with interpreters can be complex but not impossible.



First and foremost there is a need for the client and therapist to develop a shared explanation of what is being said (Kaufert 1990).  Secondly the therapist, client and interpreter all play an important part in what becomes available for discussion and the subsequent information that then emerges from conversation.  Cultural factors and supervision need to be addressed. Tribe (2003) talks about four levels of interpretation:

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And finally ...

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and hope it has helped to keep you updated with The Psychology Service.

Please do let us know if you would like to attend our training events and that you complete our update form. This will really help us to increase our efficiency which in turn will help you!


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