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Workshops & Events

Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment
with Professor Barbara A Wilson, 12 August 2011
£115 + VAT (£30 deposit)

Professor Barbara A Wilson will be facilitating a day on ‘Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment’, helping us ‘non-neuropsychologists’ understand the impact of brain injury (whatever the severity) upon our clients and how to distinguish those symptoms, such as concentration and memory problems, as having an organic origin from those which are more associated with the emotional or traumatic experience. In addition, how we can help clients overcome or manage such problems will also be addressed.

with Derek Farrell and Paul Keenan, 16 September 2011
£95 + VAT (£25 deposit)
6 places left

Derek Farrell and Paul Keenan are co-hosting our ever popular EMDR Workshop, this time with an emphasis upon how EMDR protocols can be adapted to address other problems such as OCD, depression and pain. As always, this will include the opportunity for case discussion and peer supervision.

The Psychology Service specialises in psychological trauma, offering both expert psychological reports for the court and psychological therapy.

We are always interested to hear from consultants who are looking to join our nation-wide team.

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